Dedicated trainings, analyses and reports

We offer two kinds of trainings – open for all and dedicated to individual companies. The first kind of training covers general issues which could be interesting for the whole sector. Besides we offer tailored  trainings, consulting services, analyses, reports, etc. covering specific needs of a given company or a group of companies. We hire and cooperate with energy experts who are able to analyze the whole spectrum of interests referring  to the needs of the power sector and other branches of the economy, with reference to energy matters. We perform our services for both Polish and international subjects. Our experts can elaborate presentations, analyses, reports, etc. in Polish, English, German, French and Russian.

See some examples of our trainings and reports given below.

  • White certificates
  • Colour certificates
  • Qualification Commissions (in electricity and gas) –  legal and regulatory aspects
  • Qualification Commissions (in electricity and gas) – technical aspects
  • Energy Markets – principles of functioning and perspectives of development
  • GIS – Geographic Information System
  • Intelligent metering
  • Intelligent grid
  • Protection against energy theft
  • Project Management in the energy sector
  • Investment in the power sector – technical, legal and economic aspects 
  • Balancing Market in the power sector
  • Process of normalization and application of norms obligatory in the electricity and gas sectors 
  • Regulation of prices in the gas and electricity sectors
  • Role of the Measuring Information Operator in electricity and gas.
  • World and European gas market – technical, economic,  legal and regulatory  conditions of functioning
  • Restructuration of management in the conditions of intelligent metering and intelligent grid
  • Dispersed sources in intelligent grid
  • Three new parliamentary acts which will change the energy sector in 2013 – the Energy Law, The Gas Law and the Renewable Energy Sources Act (our recommendation)
  • III Liberalization Package of the  UE electricity and gas markets. Possible directions of implementation and proposed legal solutions
  • Direction of development of Power Exchange trade in electricity and gas 
  • Strategies of implementation of the energy efficiency act and potential business models
  • Co-generation in the light of new legal solutions
  • Transmission corridors in the light of new legislation
  • Contracts in the trade in coal, lignite and natural gas
  • Nuclear sources in Poland –perspective and threats 
  • Quality Investment requirements regarding wind, biomass and solar energy sources
  • Power Exchange in Poland
  • HAN
  • Qualification Commissions
  • Safety at work in the power sector
  • Tariffs and regulatory framework of the Polish power sector
  • Licensing requirements for newcomers
  • Social aspects of energy investment (NIMB syndrome)

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